Fan Made Man of Steel 2 Trailer Created From 34 Different Properties


A YouTuber by the name of solyentbrak1 has mashed together clips from 34 different films, TV Shows, and even video games to create a pretty fantastic trailer for Man of Steel 2, or Superman Vs. Batman, or Batman Vs. Superman. This particular trailer features Stanley Tucci as Lex Luthor, and it paints a picture of him teaming with Wayne Enterprises to help clean up the Metropolis mess that Superman and his Kryptonian friends created.

In all honesty this fan trailer is pretty rad, and I for one wouldn’t complain if its plot ends up resembling the actual film. There’s a whole bunch of time that must pass before we can find out though, so head on down below to get an idea of what the next Man of Steel film could be about.



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