Fan Made Time Lapse Skyrim Trailer is All Kinds of Epicness

If you haven’t considered playing Skyrim yet I highly suggest adding it to your gaming priority list, because it’s epic in size and sh*tloads of fun.  I’ve never fully played an Elder Scrolls game (now I hate myself for giving up on Oblivion), but I’m finding Skyrim to be a great starting point for ES n00bs like myself.  I’m finding this game to have the same allure as Fallout 3, which also grabbed a hold of me and didn’t let go until 100’s of in-game hours passed.

I’m not the only gamer enjoying Skyrim and its inherent awesomeness either.  In fact, one super fan who goes by the name of wrenthereaper on YouTube, has created a 3 minute long trailer using time-lapse technology to capture the beauty of this game’s world, and it’s excellent musical score.  I’m telling you that you need to watch this just to soak in the sheer scope of Skyrim, and all that its world has to offer.  I’ve probably played 15+ hours of this game already and have hardly touched any main quests.  I keep getting lost in the majestic world (not literally lost, but the other lost) and everything that it has to offer to keep me busy.

I love this game and put it up right next to Fallout 3 as some of Bethesda’s greatest work.  Watch this amazing fan made trailer below and get with the program people.  Skyrim is a game that people will rant about many years after its luster wears off.  You’ve been needing to try something new, so why not a game like Skyrim…

Oh Gorgeous Skyrim


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