Fan Recreates The Force Awakening’s Original Opening

YouTuber Tim Gray has taken the original storyboards from J.J. Abrams for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and recreated the opening of the film. I Have to add that he did it all by himself too, so this dude is one helluva amateur animator.

When you first fire up the clip you’ll probably think that it’s poking fun at the film and its many nods to A New Hope, but give it some time and you’ll see that while the shot was clearly designed to evoke similarities between the opening of the first Star Wars, it doesn’t play out as you may first think. After watching this scrapped opening I can see why Abrams changed it, because it doesn’t really do much for getting you into the meat of the film, and it would have taken away from the First Order’s initial introduction. Either way, it’s still fun to check out, so head on up above and do just that.


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