Fanboy: A History Retrospective

For those of you who have been following the E.B. you should be familiar with my use of the term ‘fanboy’.  It’s a great way to identify someones extreme passion for something that is typically in the geek space.  Fanboys are most commonly found in genres that focus on fantasies, sci-fi, gaming, gadgets, comics, and other geeky shit that you’ll find amongst my ramblings.

I found an interesting article that traces the routes of the term itself.  Supposedly it made its first appearance way back in 1973 at some sort of comic-book convention in Chicago.  Some fans created a fanzine that featured Fanboy a new comic book hero, so supposedly this is where it all started.

Makes sense, because if you’ve ever been at one of these things you are exposed to some of the most intense fandom on the planet.  I mean these things are loaded with peeps that take works of fiction WAY too seriously.  Like [slider title=”LARPers”]LARP – Live Action Role Playing.  Imagine a bunch of cellar dwelling, social rejects acting out a role playing game.  They wear costumes and act out battles as if they were in Final Fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons.  Really strange shit, but whatever floats you boat, I don’t hate on ’em.[/slider] and other freaky stuff like that.  I’ve actually been to a Star Wars Convention, so I’ve seen this odd setting first-hand.  Yes start making fun, I’ve been to a Star Wars Convention, punch me in the balls!  You’ve been totally geeked out…

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