Far Cry 4 is fast approaching, and many gamers are getting pumped for its release. Ubisoft seems to have found a brilliant focus on villains since Far Cry 3, and so Pagan Min appears to be someone who will not be forgotten. The trailer shown above also shows several other elements of Far Cry 4 that also like Pagan, will not be forgotten. Elephant riding, fierce woodland creatures, and co-operative play are a just a few of the new additions to the franchise, but there are many more. The trailer (above) alone tries to pack so much in, that the end literally explodes with content.

We are still facing the early days of Far Cry 4 with it still being months away from release, so expect much more to be revealed in the months to come. As always, stick to Entertainment Buddha for all the updates on the title you need. Far Cry 4 will be hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 18th 2014.


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