Once Kyrat is done with, dig even deeper into the world of Far Cry 4 with the powerful map editor and explore dozens of ways to create and play. Far Cry has always had a great amount of possibilities for players when it comes to custom content, and Far Cry 4 is no different. The map editor allows for players to create a near limitless set of rules to play in wondrous locations hand crafted by you the player. If creating custom maps is a bit too scary for you to dabble in however, then playing them is also an option many will definitely want to take a look at.

Far Cry 4 has a massive amount of maps for players to take a look at, so the life span of the game can potentially last for a very long time if people put enough time and effort into the map editor. The video above shows off just a handful of maps players have access to, with hundreds, likely even thousands more for players to get their hands on. Take a look at it and gain some heavy inspiration.


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