‘Far Cry 5’ Shows Off “Boomer” the Dog and Some Other Companions

Rick and Grace are cool and all, but they’re no Boomer. Boomer’s a dog-turned-hired-gun who can help you along your journey in Far Cry 5.

The dog’s not all, though. The interview above is short, but it shows some cool footage of the player driving a big rig with their companion by their side—off or on the road. Executive Producer and Creative Director Dan Hay then talks about how important it was for them to really make the impact of these cultists feel convincing, and that there’s evidence of their influence scattered around the entirety of Far Cry 5.

Check it out above!

Oh, what? What’s that? Not enough Boomer? Fine.Here’s another handful of minutes with ’em:

Here’s another handful of minutes with him:

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