‘Far Cry 5’ Story Trailer Reveals a Dark Look at Hope County

Over the past couple of days, we have received a plethora of Far Cry related news. The first of which is a story trailer for the upcoming title, Far Cry 5. Joseph Seed is the leader of a religious cult by the name of Eden’s Gate. Joseph and his followers are dead set on, “saving,” as many souls as possible, whether they like it or not. Your job is to spark the fires of the resistance and take back Hope County. You can check out the story trailer for Far Cry 5 above!

It is worth mentioning that the Season Pass for Far Cry 5 is outrageous. First off, Season Pass holders will receive a free copy of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, which features the entire single player campaign for Far Cry 3. Speaking of the Season Pass, lets talk about the rest of the contents the pass features. These adventures will take you far away from Hope County. In Hours of Darkness, players will travel back in time to Vietnam to battle Vietcong soldiers. Dead Living Zombies will have players fighting against multiple waves of zombies across different b-movie scenarios. In the last pack, players will be transported to Mars to go up against Martian arachnids. You can view the trailer for Far Cry 3 Classic Edition below, along a picture of the artwork from the Season Pass.

The three DLC packs from the Far Cry 5 Season Pass.

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