The VR game market is still trying to get some footing, it’s had decent success with certain games like VRchat, but not defining game. We’ve had our handful of games that were ported over to VR that weren’t really that amazing like Doom VFR or Skyrim VR.

FARHOME looks like it could be one of those games that defines the VR genre of gaming. It’s got action, it’s got suspense, and it looks genuinely pretty cool. Normally I don’t get too into VR games (mostly because I can’t afford the setup), but this one looks really cool, I hope to see more of it soon. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think about the game and if you’re sick of VR yet or still excited by it!

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Nathaniel Smyth

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Born and raised in Plymouth, NH, Nat has been gaming since he was 3 starting on his brother’s Sega Genesis, all the way up to the Xbox One. Well rounded in a range of game genres from beat-em-ups to shooters, to role-playing-games, and more, he’s had a passion for all things gaming as long as he’s been able to hold a controller. While busy with school, sports, working, he still finds time to sit down, play, read up on the latest news, and hunt for deals on new and classic games.