Fastest and Easiest Way to Get the ‘In the Money’ Achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

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This particular cheve was one that I thought I’d have an issue with, because let’s face it, I tend to blow these days in multiplayer games, and seem to be getting digital balls dipped in my face more often than killing my opponents.  Luckily I found the easiest way to pull of this achievement, even if you are finding yourself to have n00b like outings with no hope of ever getting your K/D ratio to a respectable level.  I suggest firing up a Wager match and selecting the Ante Up matches setting.  From there go with the One in the Chamber game type.  I found this one to have the quickest turn around between matches since each player is limited to 3 lives, and instant kills are enabled.

In my experience the map really did not matter.  Somehow I was able to place “In the Money” in 5 consecutive One in the Chamber Wager matches even with my meager multiplayer skills.  When the match first starts you’ll be placed randomly on the map, but I promise you so will someone else.  In each game I found myself able to score a quick kill right off the bat by finding the other player in my spawn area before he/she found me.  It’s a very similar situation to the Wingman matches in Gears of War 2 where you’d have another pair of players in the same spawn vicinity as yourself.  If you can get that first kill you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself a place in the top 3, because you’ll get an extra bullet and you’ll find that there’s at least 2 players in each game that blow worse than you.

After that initial kill I always seemed to run into another player who would be randomly running bye, so I would quick stab him and add another bullet to my stash.  Now you should be armed with 2 bullets and have enough points to place even if you don’t get anymore kills.  At this point I’d advise you to camp out and score bonus points for surviving, which you’ll get if you stay alive while everyone else loses a life.  Pick a spot where you can see all entry points, and get ready to use your 2 stored bullets on players running by your spot frantically trying to get themselves in the money.

I’d say you have a 90% chance of placing in the money as long as you get at least 2 kills and survive for at least 2-3 rounds.  It’s much easier than I thought it would be and I’m no good, so if you have some skill you can knock this out using One in the chamber matches, in less than 45 minutes.  The key is not losing all of your 3 lives right away.  Hide out and let the other bozos get weeded out then go on the attack with the remaining players.  Each game should not take more than 10 minutes, so like I said you should be able to knock this out in less than an hour.  Feel free to add to this using the comments section below.  You’ve been needing a few tips…

In The Money 20

Quick Tips (Detailed Explanation Below)

  1. Select Ante Up game types
  2. Select One in the Chamber match type
  3. Find the enemy who also spawned near your spawn and shoot him
  4. Use your knife liberally and don’t forget that most enemies will only have 1 bullet, so make them miss and then stab them as a reminder on why not to miss
  5. Don’t be ashamed to camp out because you get bonus points for surviving, so pick a spot and park it with your 2 bullets and wait for the runners to fly bye
  6. Do the math – Don’t forget to pull up the match standings after a kill or points, because most of the time at least 2 of your opponents will have already blown through their 3 lives.  You may not even need anymore points, so you can take it easy and relax
  7. Shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes and you don’t have to be good, because I’m not

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