I haven’t played many games that are fun to play regardless of whether you are winning or losing. Fatal Velocity is one of those games though, and I want to play it but I don’t have a proper PC to run it on and that makes me sad.

It’s such a fun concept and even though it’s kind of difficult to get good at quickly (meaning that my short demo with it yielded little results), it was so fun. Essentially, you have got a tether that you can use to grapples onto things, and you can boost around at high speeds. To eliminate enemies, you have two options:

You can blow them out of the arena (or into physical obstacles at such high speeds that they die on impact) or use a plethora of powers to kill them. One such item was a light sword, that basically turned you into a razor-blade lined yo-yo of death. Then there are powerups. There were a few other items that were basically powered-up versions of the blowback weapon you normally have. Normally you can charge your weapon and try to blow enemies away but you can also pick up a railgun-type weapon that will basically cause death to anyone that it hits. There was a lot of swiping around and trying to catch people when I played, and even when I accidentally died over and over, I was having a blast.

This game with a group of friends could easily be one of my favorite first-person competitive games to date. If I had a group of friends that actually played this on PC, I’d be a very happy boy. Tethering yourself to another person and dragging them to both of your deaths is hilarious and makes for great moments. The arena that I got to play in was basically just a bunch of floating islands and I assume that pretty much every arena would be like that. I would be interested to see what would happen in a mostly open, flat arena though, just out of sick curiosity. If you’re looking a new exciting FPS and you like Spider-Man and wish that Law Breakers actually became a thing, you should check this out! Inertia-fueled combat seems like it might be the new exo-suits in FPS games right now and honestly I’m okay with that, let’s see more of it!

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