Favreau Shares Shot of an Iconic Star Wars Weapon that Will be Featured in ‘The Mandalorian’

Two days ago Jon Favreau shared a set pic from The Mandalorian, which is his new live-action Star Wars series that is currently in production, and will eventually be released on Disney’s streaming service. The shot he shared should ring a bell for any Star Wars fan that considers themselves franchise historians, because it features a weapon that has been shown before in Star Wars lore.

The weapon is none other than the rifle you could see Boba Fett sporting in the animated Star Wars Holiday Special. This is the special where Boba is seen wearing blue armor, and he’s also seen sporting a rifle that looks like a tuning fork. That tuning fork rifle is the same one that Favreau teased from the set of The Mandalorian, just check the images out below.

According to Sideshow, who has a special Boba Fett action figure based on the Holiday special for sale, the weapon is known as an electropole. The main difference is in the coloring of the rifle, but for the most part the version Favreau is using honors the classic from the animated series.

I dig it. I’ll take any level of reference to old Star Wars shows in this new series, so I’m glad Jon is including little nuggets like this to honor past Star Wars lore.


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