Fear the Walking Dead Stick Figure Recap With Analysis – Ep. 2 “So Close, Yet so Far”

The second episode of Fear the Walking Dead really hammered home the fact that the world is screwed, and how a crumbling civilization isn’t a great place to hang out with your family. Plus, the episode made sure we all know that Tobias is a creepy, but very knowledgeable zombie apocalypse expert.

Anyway, to keep the stick figure bandwagon going I’ve done a recap of the episode with some analysis at the end for your viewing pleasure, or disgust. It all depends on how much you like looking at shitty art and even shittier handwriting.

I definitely enjoyed the episode, especially how it showed how quickly society can begin to decline once it starts dealing with something that no one understands. I also appreciated how it depicted the separation of families during an event like this, which we all know happens thanks to the proper The Walking Dead, which is full of displaced family members working with other humans to survive, and ultimately form new non-blood families.

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