Capping off the trio of videos for the Ace Chemicals Infiltration trailer to Batman: Arkham Knight is a preview at the high-octane battle between Batman and the Arkham Knight himself. The crux of the game is that the Scarecrow is looking to get rid of Batman and unleash his fear toxin onto Gotham City.

The Batmobile finally becomes playable in Arkham Knight and it’s clear that Rocksteady is making solid use of it. In these trailers, the Batmobile has utilized its firepower to take down big baddies using all of its toys and gadgets.

The extra surprise with the final trailer is the inclusion of a sneak peak at the Scarecrow Nightmare Mission Pack which transforms Gotham City into a twisted nightmare after it falls prey to the fear toxin.

After an initial delay, Batman: Arkham Knight is due out June 2, 2015.

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