Feel the Power of Binaural Sound in Creepy Until Dawn 3D Audio Video

Sony teamed up with Wimbledon Sounds to create a binaural audio interactive trailer for Until Dawn to show just how freaking creepy it feels to be chased by a psycho.

Binaural audio employs a recording technique that simulate the way human ear’s actually function, which offers a much more immersive 3D audio experience than even a high end surround sound system. It’s literally equivalent to being in the shoes of the person being chased in this Until Dawn example of what binaural audio can sound like.

I thought that it may be a gimmick when I first received the email about this trailer, but after slapping my headset on and turning up the volume, I couldn’t help but be surprised by how intense and real the audio sounded. The binaural effect really kicks in once you enter some sort of door, and continues to feel lifelike when you must choose what path to take at the end of the first video. It’s definitely an interesting audio experience, and one that suits a game like Until Dawn perfectly, so head on up above and give it a spin. Just make sure to use headphones, and it also helps to shut your eyes and let your mind and ears focus on the audio.

Until Dawn is now available for the PS4.


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