Ferguson Hints That There Won’t be a Gears of War Marcus Fenix Collection

Rod Ferguson from Black Tusk Studios, the developer working on the new Gears of War title, dropped a tweet to dash the hopes of Gears fans looking for a Marcus Fenix Collection announcement in the near future. Rod said he loves the fan support, but the studio isn’t working on a collection. He does hint that Black Tusk has multiple Gears “projects” in the works, so there may be some news in his tweet after all.

Personally, the Gears of War franchise helped to shape my adult gaming life thanks to the addictive and highly personal multiplayer modes that I spent years playing with friends from around the world, so I’d love to experience a Marcus Fenix Collection. Although, considering that all of the Marcus related Gears games came out on the 360, the visual improvements wouldn’t be as apparent as they were in the Master Chief Collection, so that could be one reason why Black Tusk isn’t devoting time to it.

Either way I’m down for a brand new Gears of War experience, so if Rod is just misdirecting the public with his tweet, I’m still eager to learn more on what Black Tusk has in the works, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the MFC is indeed a real project.


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