FF7’s Cloud Goes Grocery Shopping in Latest ADHD Parody

The Animation Domination High-Def YouTube channel has released its latest animated parody, and it takes on the lauded Final Fantasy VII video game.

In particular, the parody focuses on Cloud Strife and his sad sack attitude as he does mundane things like grocery shopping. Cloud uses his buster sword with great effectiveness to the dismay of the other grocery store patrons, thanks to his penchant for splitting people in half to get the items on his shopping list.

What makes this parody so fantastic is the obvious homages to Square’s fantastic Final Fantasy VII video game. The ADHD team incorporated the iconic battle music, and other familiar ditties from the game into the parody to help establish the connection to the game even though the content is slightly insane.

If you’re a fan of edgy animation and the Final Fantasy franchise, then you’ll surely love the video above, so make sure to share it around if you enjoy what you see.


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