FFXV Gets Holiday Packs and New Game+ to Prepare for the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Final Fantasy XV isn’t done with any of us quite yet. A predominately positive reception lead to a considerable boost in anticipation for the incoming flood of planned DLC, but details are scarce at best. What is the Moogle Chocobo Carnival coming in January? No fucking clue, but I know that I’ll be ready for it. Come December 22, FFXV is getting two Holiday packs: a free version that includes a Carnival Passport for whatever next month’s seasonal event entails, and the Holiday Pack+ that purchasers of the game’s Season Pass will relish.

Included as a free update on the same day is the addition of a New Game+ mode, allowing players access to all of their gear and character progression from a previous file as they start up the game again from the beginning. The accessories that come with the Holiday Pack+ offer a number of options for players to further customize their gaming experience—and they seem to have a pretty big impact, too.

The Ring of Resistance is a piece of jewelry that prevents party members from being harmed by friendly magic. Thanks to the new Stamina Badge, gone are the days of running out of stamina when running or hanging from your weapon for too long. Some of these items alter the way your tech and Armiger bars fill (if at all), each one requiring a sacrifice in some other battle aspect to provide the boon. Additionally included are pieces of equipment that affect the methods of experience and AP gain, and the rate at which enemies drop items of value.

There’s plenty of welcome improvements to the quality of FFXV‘s life coming next week, but those without the Season Pass are definitely getting the entire shaft. As cool as that free Choco-Mog Tee Shirt is, it’s no infinite stamina bar.

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