FIFA 17 Has a Story Mode Called ‘The Journey’

Who the hell is Alex Hunter? What is the Premier League? Why is soccer the most popular sport in the world?

These are the burning questions that EA’s FIFA 17 announcement left me with.

Now, I admit that I know next to nothing about soccer. I’ve never played a FIFA game. I don’t watch the World Cup, and I know who Pelé is only because of his awkward appearance at E3 2016. But after seeing EA’s big reveal of the story-based mode coming to FIFA 17, I might have to give soccer a second chance.

FIFA 17’s story mode, dubbed ‘The Journey’ marks a new direction for an old franchise. For the first time, FIFA players will have the chance of guiding a young player — the aforementioned Alex Hunter — through the wicked world of professional soccer.

EA’s promised that ‘The Journey’ will “navigate the emotional highs and lows of [the] unique story arc through their decisions on the pitch.” As a soccer scrub, I can certainly get behind the idea of seeing the raw passion and dedication that goes into becoming a top-tier player.

While there’s plenty of room for drama and emotional moments in Hunter’s saga, let’s just hope that “The Journey” — and FIFA 17 as a whole — don’t go the way of NBA 2K16’s story and wind up full of ghost friends and moral diatribes.

FIFA 17 will release on September 29.




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