Fight the Power and Blackout SOPA Today With Your Social Networks

I’m not one for joining causes, or taking part in protests, but the upcoming vote on SOPA is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.  If this act gets passed sites like may come under attack from the federal government if they deem our content questionable (we don’t pirate material, but the wording of SOPA opens up Pandora’s box).  SOPA could potentially allow the government and corporations to censor what is said about them on the Internet, which some look at as a violation of the first amendment.  Censorship is wrong on all levels, and SOPA will only allow more of it to happen if passed.  I don’t think it’s fair that content owners have to always worry about their IP being stolen and used on rogue sites, but SOPA is not the answer to that problem.

There’s a movement taking place right now within the land of social networking that calls for a unified protest of SOPA. is a site that has been created to promote the dissatisfaction that a majority of us common folk share for SOPA.  With a click of a button on their site you can update your Twitter profile picture to one of three images signifying that you don’t support SOPA.  I took the plunge, and I urge you to do the same.  Don’t worry you can always revert back to your old profile picture with a click of a button.

If you want to display your opposition to SOPA with your Twitter account please follow this link to do so.  Maybe in the case of SOPA our politicians will actually listen to what we the people want versus what big business wants, so any act of protest is a small victory for the anti-SOPA Rebel Alliance.  You’ve been needing to get on board before it’s too late, so what are you waiting for, @MCHammer is doing it…

Get your own STOP SOPA Twitter profile picture here, which can also be used on other sites like Facebook and Tumblr!


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