Fighting with Atreus in God of War Featurette

God of War is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, likely to rival last year’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Atreus, for me at least, sounded like something that was really going to bring my experience with the game down. It seemed like something that had been shoehorned into the game for the sake of having some kind of emotional attachment.

The Elizabeth to Kratos’s Booker Dewitt, if you will.

However, after watching the latest trailer for the game that shows off some of his skills and how he works in combat, I’m impressed. Atreus is almost a sort-of extension of Kratos, you can lightly command him to fire on certain enemies, but once the fight really breaks out, he does his own thing. Not only that, but he’s smart enough to keep enemies from swarming you, since this isn’t exactly like the God of War we are used to. Kratos isn’t the unstoppable horde-slaying badass that he once was.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a badass, but the twin blades are gone and you can’t hit enemies a mile away from you anymore. Every fight looks like a long, brutal dance between you, your son, and the poor saps that get in your way. Check out the trailer above and see what I mean and tell us how pumped you are for the new God of War.

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