Final 3 LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars Shorts Now Streaming

Disney has posted the final three LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars shorts, and one of them is easily the best of the entire lot.

I’m talking about the short in which Roger retells his adventures during the Battle of Jakku, which provides a cheeky look at the Rebellion’s final battle against the Galactic Empire. It just has a great mix of All-Stars, action, and LEGO humor. I just really enjoyed it and wished all of the others were more like it.

The other two that released with the Battle of Jakku one are fine, but they’re more like the other shorts in that they’re just for humor’s sake, and they don’t really add much to the ever expanding Star Wars lore. Although, I will admit that I appreciated the Ewok episode, because everything is awesome when some Yub Nubs are being thrown around.

You can check out the previously released LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars shorts in our archive.


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