My final and fourth day of E3 2012 was just as good as the other three if not my favorite due to the amount of amazing games I got to play and hear about from some awesome developers.  The day kicked off with an impressive tour of EA’s future stable of games with a personal demo of Madden 13 using the kinect.  I was able to get some hands on time with this much improved football game, and I was instantly impressed with its new voice commands, and overall more realistic gameplay.  If you want to do anything from call your entire offense, to just calling an audible you can do it reliably with the kinect in Madden 13.  Fans of the series will love it, and all of the other changes that EA has implemented into the somewhat stale Madden franchise.

After the Madden 13 demo we were treated to a hands on demo for Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3.  Both games were visually stunning, and a blast to watch.  I was most impressed with the new co-op mode in Dead Space 3, as well as its new outdoor settings and human enemy encounters.  Crysis 3 looked pretty as could be expected, but it just seemed like more of the same world to me.

It was on to Sony for a private tour of a few of their more popular titles in Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and God of War: Ascension.  I started with a hands on demo of PS All-Stars, and though many may call it a Super Smash Bros. clone, I couldn’t help but enjoy its intense and competitive gameplay.  It also has cross platform functionality, so I actually got to play my session against PS3 gamers while using the Vita.  It looked great on the mobile device, and played just as well as the console version.

After using Kratos as my All-Stars combatant I went ahead and played his upcoming new title God of War: Ascension.  I did’t play the single player, but I did get to participate in some multiplayer action, and it was one of the most unique gaming experiences I’ve had in quite some time.  It’s essentially the same as playing the campaign except you’re smashing the living piss out of other humans rather than AI characters.  It’s an absolute blast, and felt like a perfect new direction for the God of War series.

Microsoft was next on the agenda with another session of Halo 4, but this time rather than me playing I got to listen to Kiki Wolfkill and Josh Holmes of 343 talk about the game that they so obviously have enjoyed making.  I’m telling you the new Infinity multiplayer modes are where it’s going to be at in this game.  Spartan Ops is especially gnarly, and it’ll surely keep Halo fanboys playing the 4th Master Chief based game for many months after its release.

On the next stop through Microsoft’s booths we were taken over to the Gears of War Judgment demo where I got to play the new Overrun multiplayer mode.  I have a soft spot for the Gears franchise, so I was kind of fancying out over the experience, but the new class based multiplayer mode is honestly a refreshing new take on Gears multi.  I played as the Scout class while my team was playing as the COG forces, and this class allowed me to spot enemies and weaken them for my other teammates to finish off.  I could also scale to hard to reach places for some clever sniping action.  The match was intense and fun as all hell, so I can’t wait to see more of it in action as the months unfold.

To wrap the final day of E3, and the trade show itself we were given a look at Namco Bandai’s new Star Trek game that will be rooted in the JJ Abrams’ version of the classic sci-fi franchise.  The game probably has some of the best and most true co-op gameplay that I’ve ever seen.  Kirk is the brawn, and Spock is the brain, but the two need to work with each other to take down the Gorn.  The footage I saw of this game in action is very promising, so I can’t wait to see the finished product.

E3 2012 was so long in the making, but over so fast.  My inaugural run at this gamer’s paradise was a huge success, and I’m still riding a high knowing what I just experienced over the past week.  Not many people will have the opportunities I was presented with at E3, so I am more than grateful to all of the PR contacts that took care of us while browsing their client’s wares.  I also want to give my show mate and E3 coordinator Ben Barto a big high five for pulling most of our appointments together with some of the best new games at the show.  Make sure to catch his recap of E3 on a replay of Geektime this week on the Howard Stern channels on Sirius XM if you haven’t heard it already.

In the mean time you can check out a collection of photos I took on my final day of E3 2012.  You’ve been thinking if anyone ever complains about having to attend E3 they should be neck punched…

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