Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle Music Theme on Floppy Drives


The latest floppy drive music to come out of the MrSolidSnake745 YouTube channel is Final Fantasy 7’s “Those Who Fight Further” track.

Fans of this amazing JRPG will surely remember this music track as the one that would accompany most of the boss battles in the game. It’s not the traditional FF7 battle music, which is also an iconic track from this great game. Rather it’s the faster paced, more sinister sounding tune to get you even more rattled while managing your party’s attacks against a formidable foe.

It’s amazing to see what Solid Snake can do with a set of old school floppy drives, and only he and the powers at be know how long, and how difficult the process of making music out of floppy drives is. I would guess there’s easier ways to honor your favorite games from the past, but these other platforms would surely not be as creative and rad as doing so on a non-traditional instrument. Head on down below to see and hear some Final Fantasy music playing on floppy drives.

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