Final Fantasy VII + Bootleg Mod = The HD Version We’ve Been Wanting

Ever since the next generation of gaming kicked off  Final Fantasy gamers have dreamed of playing Final Fantasy VII with a fresh coat of HD remastered paint.  Unfortunately Square-Enix has explicitly stated that they have no plans of ever releasing a remastered version of what many consider to be the best Final Fantasy game ever made.  This is a very curious move considering that Square could probably make a boat load of loot if they did release a FFVII HD title, but they’re sticking to their guns.

Luckily there’s something known as the modding community, because through their hard work they’ve managed to create an HD version of FFVII using its PC release as a base.  The key to beefing up the game’s visuals is a modding program called Bootleg.  With this system’s various upgrades it can patch the PC version of Final Fantasy VII with the visuals we expect to see in a modern day game (mostly).  The only caveat to this process is that the mods required to pull this off will take upwards of 20GB of hard drive space, but with the cost of HDDs being so inexpensive, I doubt this con is really a negative after all.

If this is an adventure you’d like to embark on you’ll obviously need a copy of Final Fantasy VII for PC, Bootleg, and the various patches that will beef up the game’s visuals.  A YouTuber by the name of EQ2Alyza has posted a detailed process for enabling the HD version of FFVII, as well as a look at the mod in its HD glory.  I’ve embedded both the directions and the video below for you to see.  If you do get your FFVII HD on make sure to let him know how grateful you are for his leg work.  Check out the unofficial Final Fantasy VII HD remastered game in action below.  You’ve been wishing someone at Square would realize how much money could be made if they released an official FFVII HD remake for the PS3…

【1】 Final Fantasy VII BOOTLEG 『Assault on Mako Reactor No. 1』

Instructions courtesy of EQ2Alyza

MOD INSTRUCTIONS (Warning: ~20GB of downloads/installs. Be patient)

UPDATE – Due to a high volume of traffic the below directions and links may not work. If that’s the case you may want to check out this alternate tutorial. As always mod at your own risk and read all of the warnings. You must own a copy of the game, don’t pirate it.

Alternate method – Tifa’s Bootleg



Original Method:

1. Buy the game (Ultima Edition torrents do NOT work with these mods):

2. Perform a MAXIMUM installation.

3. Download and extract 1.02 patch to the installation folder:

4. Download and extract Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver to the installation folder:

5. How to enable Aali’s Custom Graphics Driver:

– Run FF7Config.exe from the installation folder.

– Go to the Graphics tab.

– Under Renderer, select “Custom driver”. You should receive a message saying it passed the test, working properly, etc.

– Exit the program.

6. Download Bootleg Configurator:

7a. Use this tutorial for setting up and installing Bootleg Configurator:

7b. Use this if there are any broken links in the Mod List (step 6):

7c. Here are the settings I use:

8. How to enable FF7Music mod:

– Open FF7Music.exe from the installation folder (…\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\FF7Music\FF7Music.exe).

– Click on Configure.

– Go to the Files tab.

– Under Profile, select “OSTRemastered”.

– Save and Exit.

9. On your desktop should be a new icon called FF7 BootLoader. Run it and configure to however you want. Make sure to click “Write CFG” to actually save what you configure.

10. Click Play FF7. Enjoy!



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  1. will this work with the steam version of the game?

  2. Adam

    This is great! I wish i could have been part of this project

  3. Brad

    The links provided on the webpage for the 1.02 patch do not work (error 509 the links are disabled)

    Also,when i attempt to run the FF7Config file it tells me it cannot find the registry for FF7, even after a clean re-install it still does not work (i am running the steam version)

    • The post got a ton of hits this week thanks to, so the person who made the mod has had their share links temporarily disabled due to high traffic volumes.

  4. Catmancer

    Is the music used with this mod the Remastered OST by Final FanTim?

  5. Penfoldius

    how did you make your battle menu the way you did, because everytime i go to your settings link, it cannot be found

    • Were you able to download all the files? I know the site hosting them got so much traffic this week their links were throttled. Back in May 2012 everything worked.

  6. Penfoldius

    nope again some of the links for mods from bootleg werent working and the patch 1.02 wouldnt work which i know was already mentioned by other people

  7. Nick

    I am trying to download the patch and I keep getting a message saying: This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Is there any other way for me to get the file?

    • Yeah the site got hammered with traffic this week, so who knows when it’ll work again. You maybe be able to search the filename in Google to find it somewhere else.

    • Faofeng

      Nevermind, apparently the download link doesn’t work.

  8. Faofeng

    Haha. How about this one? I scanned the file after I downloaded it, so it seems to be clean.

    Editor’s Note: Use at your own risk, but the commenter has verified it’s authenticity –

  9. Penfoldius

    Wanted to get back to you Matt, about my previous issues regarding the HD mod. I found a torrent link for 17.1GB with all of the files that I needed to mod my Steam version. Only thing i will say, if anyone else has steam is you have to make a diffeent folder if your steam is on Program Files/(x86) otherwise Bootleg wont run.

      • Penfoldius

        the torrent link is in step 8 using the alternate method link listed in the post body above.

  10. Penfoldius

    there is a graphical overhaul mod on steam community for weapons, and charcter models. I wanted to know does anyone know how to import the caracter model updates for Jenova’s?

  11. Dan

    This mod DOES NOT work with the new version. Old version only. When running the ffviconfig.exe, you will receive registry key errors.

  12. Daniel

    I’m in the process of installing these mods, so far it’s going pretty well but I am missing some files. Which mod is responsible for the improved backgrounds? I still have the low res backgrounds and they are awful!

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