Final Fantasy XII Remaster Coming Next Year

Final Fantasy XII was a divisive game when it released in 2007. Those who played it were torn between praising the game’s MMORPG-inspired combat system and spewing hate at Vaan, the game’s young (and awkwardly vested) main character.

In the year’s following XII’s release, most people seem to have come around on the game. It’s easily the most innovative of the mainline Final Fantasy games, and the game’s International Edition is often lauded as one of the best role-playing games of the modern era.

Square Enix has probably seen the opinion sway on Final Fantasy XII as well, because the company announced today that XII is getting a remaster next year.

According to Square EnixFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will feature improved visuals, the aforementioned job-based improvements to combat found in the International Edition of the game, and other technical tweaks like better load times and auto saves.

The above trailer does a decent job of showing off what the Final Fantasy XII remaster will look like. I’m just stoked to see the Judges in their shiny new armor.

Raymond Porreca

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