Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be a direct sequel to FFXIII, although this time around Lightning’s involvement in the game’s plot is much more mysterious.  FF13 kind of polarized long time Final Fantasy fans due to its limited exploration through defined paths of play, but it did offer one of the best battle systems to date in a FF game.  Personally, I loved the linear design and limited exploration.  Anymore I’d rather know my boundaries in an RPG than walk aimlessly around a World Map running into invisible bad guys in the process.  I enjoyed the more controlled roaming experience of FFXIII, and I hope that remains in some form with its sequel FFXIII-2.

From the looks of things in the developer walkthrough below Sarah, Lightnings sister from the first game, will be one of your main characters now versus the character you’re trying to save.  In fact, XIII-2 flips things around from the first game and makes Lightning the mysterious sister who has gone missing while Sarah is the sister on the adventure to save her.  The game look beautiful, which is to be expected.  If anything is true about the Final Fantasy franchise it’s that the games look fantastic, so I have nothing to fear on that front in regards to FFXVIII-2.  I just hope that the gameplay stays true to the original, because I totally enjoyed the controlled structure of it.

Lightning’s Little Sister Seems to be Taking a More Prominent Role in FFXIII-2

What can I say?  I’m getting old and lazy, and would rather know my direct path than have to mill around a map looking for my next destination in a RPG.  Take a look at the FFXIII-2 developer walkthrough below to see if it tickles your fancy too.  You’ve been wondering why everyone in Japanese RPGs always look like so Emo…

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Developer Walkthrough


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