Final Fantasy XIII: We Gots Glitches!

I’ve written before about the troubles of glitches in our next-gen games.  For those of you that aren’t gamers you have no clue what a glitch could possibly be, or what it does to gameplay.  Trust me they suck and affect the fake reality we as gamers are trying to live in.  Final Fantasy XIII took something like 5 years to make, so you’d think it would be glitch free.  Well, true to form for most big time titles these days, it has been affected by some bugs.

Check out the two videos below to see what glitches do.  These aren’t nearly as annoying as multiplayer glitches that promote cheating, but they still take you out of the game’s universe effectively breaking the fantasy world you’re experiencing.

In this vid you have one of the main characters acting very indecisive.  The character isn’t supposed to be jumping back and forth like a cracked out hurdler.  She’s stuck in a glitch waiting for another character to join in on the party.


In this vid you’ll see another AI controlled character who has lost his way.  I think this enemy is trying to make himself vomit, or trying to spin himself to the center of the universe.


You’ve been glitched out…

Via [Kotaku]


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