There are a total of sixteen—yes, sixteen preorder-only items available for Final Fantasy XV.

This game is one I have been looking forward to for about five years now. It was originally going to be a different version of FFXIII (thank god that changed), and has been in development hell for what feels like an eternity. You’d think Square Enix would just, I don’t know, release the game with all the content already made for it. Fans have been getting the shaft for so long we might as well become prostitutes—at least then we can afford the cavalcade of DLC already planned.

Listen, I want this game to be good. I love Final Fantasy with all my cold dead heart, but come on. This really annoys the ever-loving hell out of me. And the worst part? No matter what version you get and from where, you will miss out on some of the content for the game. Square Enix, please don’t do this anymore—especially with Kingdom Hearts 3, because then?

Oh, you don’t want to know what will happen then (preorder at Gamestop to have Donald not waste all your Hi-Potions). Check out the video above for a glimpse into some of the DLC coming to FFXV.


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