Final Fantasy XV looks unreal.

What seems like ages ago, Tetsuya Nomura promised to bring the Final Fantasy series back to its roots. The project he envisioned was one full of crystals, heart-felt emotion, and wondrous, well, fantasy. Originally entitled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, initial rumors of the game spread like wildfire. As time passed, news of what fans hoped to be Final Fantasy’s magnum opus came less frequently, and while interest never waned, many soon came to believe that Versus XIII was forever stuck in development hell.

Nomura introduced himself and simply stated that it had been a while since Square Enix had updated fans on the Versus project. After the short introduction, much to the chagrin of gamers everywhere, the trailer began.

Featuring breathtaking visuals and silky smooth animations, Square Enix’s trailer switched between gameplay and prerendered cutscenes flawlessly. The character models are stunning, each complete with inventive designs and fantastic wardrobes. Airships and other Final Fantasy mainstays make appearances in the trailer as well, all part of awe-inspiring shots of a picturesque city.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the trailer for Final Fantasy XV. After being held up in development for so many years, Square Enix knew they had a lot to prove when it came time to revealing more in a few minutes than they had in almost half a decade. It is safe to say that Square Enix certainly came through, as the game looks to be an atmospheric journey that touches on some heavy themes, all while providing the level of great storytelling that most Final Fantasy entries are known for. Check out the entire trailer below.

Final Fantasy XV Trailer/Gameplay:

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