Final Fantasy XV’s Devs Were Very Concerned With Food (and Other Things Too)

A new video uploaded to the Square Enix UK YouTube Channel gives viewers some serious insight into the world of video game development. The video, “Tech Demo Vol #2”, goes into detail regarding the powerful Luminos Studio which is being used to create Final Fantasy XV’s impressive world and visual design.

What’s most fascinating about the five-plus minute video, is how determined the team seems to make the best looking video game food ever. As Character Designer Yuki Matsuo says in the video, “we’re trying to create cuisine that looks so good, players can taste it.”


Matsuo is on to something, though, because the in-game food looks really tasty.

Video game food aside, the entire tech video is interesting and a rare opportunity to see just how much effort goes into even the smallest aspects of creating a game. When playing (someday) Final Fantasy XV, the lighting and animations of the game might be taken for granted, but there is little denying how hard the team has worked on creating them.

Final Fantasy XV will release sometime in the future. Until then, keep ogling that beautiful food.


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