Final Trailer for The Predator Embraces Film’s R-Rating

The final trailer for Shane Black’s The Predator dropped this morning, and it is the epitome of a red band trailer. Red band trailers are typically reserved for R-rated movies to authentically show off what’s in store to interested moviegoers, so they usually have F-bombs and plenty of violence. That’s definitely the case in this final trailer for The Predator, because it doesn’t skimp on language or gore.

There could be more F-bombs in this trailer than a R-rated comedy from Seth Rogen, and the violence rivals what you’d see in a DOOM game. I’m talking dudes getting torn in half, impaled, decapitated, and many other forms of death. It appears that the super Predator is not fucking around in this film, and that he’s in it for the fun of the game, but I’m also guessing to kick the shit out of the regular Predator. I do believe at some point that the human leads will team up with the standard Predator to take down the super variant, and it’ll probably be the kid or Olivia Munn’s character that seals the deal. Take it to the bank!

You can check out the final trailer for The Predator above, the film hits theaters on September 14, 2018.


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