Finally! Jon and Kate Get Set Straight

Don’t worry I’m punching myself as I write this piece for even giving these two douches more press, but I finally came across a piece of news in regards to these horrible parents that makes sense.  The judge in their on-going custody battle has sentenced both of them to go to parenting school.  I think it may be a little too late, but it’s the most sensible thing these reality nightmares will be doing since they got lucky producing 8 unnatural spawns of themselves.  Why are these reality freaks so entertaining?

“Dear baby Jesus, please strike these fools down and show them the errors of their way.  Please make anyone’s eyes bleed that watch any future shows featuring these dead beats who used their kids to promote themselves and become famous.  Thank you for your time, and I’ll be waiting to see how you punish them!”

Now say that little prayer a few times before bed and let’s all hope for the best.  If you feel compelled to keep these two jerks famous, do us a favor and eat some lead.  You’ve been warned…

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Via [TMZ]


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