On Tuesday I finally found the Droid that those Stormtroopers were looking for in the HTC Droid Incredible.  It was a long and painful wait to get this phone, but I’m finding it to be quite worth it.  There’s a direct correlation between my lack of E.B. posting and the arrival of my new toy.  I find myself glued to the Incredible and ignoring the rest of my life responsibilities, but who really needs personal hygiene anyway?

The Droid Incredible is a Verizon exclusive and by far the best phone they have in their lineup to date.  The Android 2.1 OS that runs on the Incredible is truly amazing compared to the out-dated RIM Blackberry OS I’ve been whipping for the past year and a half.  I found learning the OS to be very intuitive and mildly addicting for gadget freaks like myself. It’s even better if you’re heavily entrenched with Google and all of its apps and services.  Everything from Google is conveniently integrated with this phone.

I spent the first day just learning how to get around the phone’s OS.  That’s not to say it’s difficult, I just like learning things about tech devices to a point that is considered anal and/or obsessive.  Don’t fret if you’re not a geek.  You can get the Incredible with the intuitive Android OS up and configured in less than 10 minutes with all of your mail and social networking accounts, so it is very friendly for dummies, oh I mean people that have issues with technology.  Overall, I love the Android OS and can’t wait to keep tweaking it to my liking.  There are just so many things to do with apps and looks, that I may stress myself out.  Rough life?

On to the Droid Incredible’s display, which is a Samsung AMOLED masterpiece!  The colors and textures are the most vibrant I’ve seen on a handheld device.  It just looks simply amazing, and will keep you busy trying to find the best wallpapers to use with your Scenes (Themes in Droid speak).  I love all of the customization that can be done with the display.  I mean you can have up to 7 different unique screens with each scene making display customization options limitless.  The only downside is that the screen, as stated in other reviews, does get washed out when in the Sun.  Good thing I hate the Sun!  Seriously though, it does look weak out in nature.

The Droid Incredible’s speed is to die for.  With its 1Ghz Snapdragon processor I find the OS can breeze through any operation I throw at it.  It seems to have no issue with multiple applications running at once, or in the background, with its massive amount of RAM.  I would definitely recommend getting a Task Manager app to easily kill open apps, because like I said the Incredible can handle tons of stuff at once, which means she hardly shuts anything down, so having an app like Advanced Task Killer can be nice to shut things down you don’t need running.  Overall, the speed performance is tits.  Haven’t had any complaints yet even while running downloaded apps.

Now I’d like to move into my gripes about the HTC Droid Incredible.  First off, as stated in other reviews, the battery life blows hot dogs.  For a gadget geek like myself I have to keep the phone plugged into my PC while I excessively play with it and customize it, or it’ll die in 4-6 hours.  That’s kind of a bummer.  I get why the battery gets blasted, but there has to be a compromise.  These things are supposed to be “mobile”!  I think if I left it alone and only used it for calls and messaging, it would last me all day, but if I’m in for some heavy use I’d definitely need a car charger, or the USB charger to keep me going until I go to bed.  It’s not a deal breaker, but does put a chink in the Incredible’s rep.

My other main gripe is with reception.  Now I think a big chunk of this issue is related to my Mancave and its bomb-shelter like qualities.  I get crap for 3G while down in the cave, and struggle to keep a signal at all.  I don’t think this is a Droid issue, rather it’s a Verizon issue.  Unfortunately, I just get a weak signal where I live.  I can tell you though when I am hitting 3G the browsing speeds are insane.  By far the fastest I’ve seen on a handheld device, and I haven’t even tried the WiFi yet.  Oh yeah, E.B. looks wonderful on the Incredible as well, much better than my BB, score!

In the end I give the Droid Incredible an 8/10.  It’s only an 8 because of the battery issue.  Everything else is a dream come true for a techno geek.  If you’re a Verizon customer and ready to upgrade I’d recommend this phone to you in a heartbeat.  If you’re on Sprint or AT&T I’d wait until the EVO and iPhone HD come out.  This is only because they’ll have HD video and front facing cams.  I’ve heard the battery on the EVO is a bigger pig than the Incredible, and the iPhone HD is made by child labor, so they both have their issues as well.  Honestly, I’m completely content with my Incredible and can’t wait to finish typing this review, so I can go back and waste hours of my life playing with it.  You’ve been given Droid envy…

The Good:  Great looking screen, awesome OS, tons of cool apps, fast browsing net, tons of social network options, super speedy, highly customizeable, Star Wars Soundboards, and just plain awesome.

The Bad:  Battery lasts about as long as a my attention span watching a chick flick.  Signal seems to blow when in a bomb-shelter.

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