‘Find Makarov’: Helluva Good Live-Action Call of Duty Short

Freddie Wong pointed me in the direction of a particular YouTube video called ‘Find Makarov’, which does a fantastic job of re-creating some scenes from the Modern Warfare games in a live-action format.  It’s an extremely well made video that is actually rumored to be some sort of tease for Modern Warfare 3.  I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the supposed MW2 sequel, but I like the way these guys are thinking.  I’d even go as far as saying that this live-action COD short rivals the series that Freddie Wong has created with his platoon of rebel film makers.

Freddie’s is completely original where this one is based on existing material, but the production value on ‘Find Makarov’ is the t*ts!  I believe this is what gaming could possibly look like when the technology catches up in that medium.  Either way this is a great video to relive some of the more iconic cut scenes from the Modern Warfare games.  Check out what it would look like if the Modern Warfare games were actual movies below.  You’ve been completely amazed at what fans can come up with in regards to their favorite franchises…


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