Find Out Why DuckTales’ Scrooge Doesn’t Wear Pants

DuckTales 2

Experts say that you should learn something new every single day. In the interest of self-improvement, the gang at Animation Domination High-Def have brought us a new video that will not only teach you a few things, but also give you a nightmare or two.

The aptly titled video, ‘SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE DUCKTALES’, is every bit informative as it is disturbing. Duck, as it turns out, aren’t the friendly and adventurous creatures DuckTales led us to believe. In two minutes, the video manages to shatter virtually everything nice you could have ever thought about ducks. The horrible duck habits of necrophilia, cannibalism, rape and defecation are all presented during the video. As disturbing as the scientific facts are, hearing them sung to the tune of the DuckTales theme is an absolute riot.

Writing about the video does it no justice, do yourself a favor and watch it below. Be warned though, after watching it, you are going to have to think twice about feeding any ducks breadcrumbs the next time you are taking a stroll through the park. Oh, and do yourself a favor – do not google ‘duck penis’.


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