‘Firefly’ Director to Helm “The Avengers” – Awesome!

News has surfaced that Joss Whedon, super geek and TV guru, will be directing “The Avengers” movie.  “The Avengers” will star Robert “Done with coke” Downey Jr. (as Iron Man), Chris “Human Torch” Evans (Captain America), Chris “Who the hell am I”  Hemsworth (Thor), and Samuel L. “Mace Windu” Jackson (Nick Fury). Eddie “Curb stomping” Norton may also return as the Hulk.  I’m a big fan of comic book movies and of Joss Whedon’s only film credit, “Serenity”, so I think this is a tubular pairing.

“The Avengers” is set to debut in May of 2012 following the releases of more comic book movies.  Geeks rejoice because we have an ample amount of comic book films coming down the pipe.  “Iron Man 2” opens this May with “Thor” opening next May, and then in July of 2011 “The First Avenger: Captain America” will open.  Too bad none of these films will be rated R, because we need a dark and gritty comic book film.

I know Joss will do well, let’s just hope he has a good script to work off of.  Will the comic book movie craze still be around when his film drops two years from now?  I guess no one knows at this point, but as a fan of sci-fi and all things geek I sure hope so.

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