First iPad Reviews: Jobs Pops a Wood

Unfortunately, The Entertainment Buddha was not selected to demo the new iPad, but I’ll relate to you what I’ve been hearing.  This really didn’t surprise me, but the critics are fawning over this thing already.  Has Apple in the last decade released something that isn’t a critical success?  I don’t need one to tell you that the iPad is going to be fantastic, but let me run through what the critics are saying.

Every review I’ve read so far has a very similar theme to it.  You’ll pick up on a tone that these reviewers werent’ really sure if the iPad was going to be tubular or not.  That’s the first sign to you as the reader that these aren’t the right people to be reviewing gadgets.  “Apple, I’m available, contact me we’ll do lunch.  I understand what is revolutionary, and I’m not being paid by a major company.”

Besides that initial hesitation on the part of the reviewers, they all fell in love with the iPad after some play time.  Each of them eludes to the notion that the iPad may be the first device to rival laptops and netbooks with its ease of use and portability.  They all marveled over how well and engaging the touchscreen interface is, writing that it may help make the push towards the death of the mouse[slider title=”.”]Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal[/slider]  The battery life is also mentioned to be at a stellar 12 hours of play time.

Most of the critics mentioned that upon testing the iPad it quickly became their tool of choice for web browsing, reading, and email.  It seems to fit very well into your casual web surfing habits and very easy to navigate while sitting in your favorite chair, or the man-throne in your bathroom.  One of them even said it may rival Nintendo and Sony for a stake in the portable gaming landscape[slider title=”.”]Ed Baig, USA Today[/slider]

If you’re like me you are going to get an iPad regardless of what the critics say, but it is nice to hear that it’s already being lauded as the next great innovation in mobile entertainment.  I’m telling you the brains at Apple had to have sold their souls to the Devil, or they’re working with aliens.  These guys just keep putting out revolutionary tech that continues to change our daily lives and habits.

You’ve been enlightened…

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