No excuses. Not even death. There is a war raging and there is nothing between you and victory, other than your skill, speed and squad. This is PlanetSide 2.

Just when you thought it was time to snuggle up in your cozy bed for a good night’s sleep, your phone starts screaming for attention. Wondering who it might be at this time of the day (rather night!) you answer it. You hear your friend’s voice urging, almost pleading with you to come to their rescue. Your base is under attack, the Vanu have surrounded your camp. Being the most capable pilot, there is no one better than you to help the squad at this moment. You spring back from your bed, race to your PC. Your desperate squad mates are a few clicks away. You take up the squad leader’s role with the ease of a veteran and scream out instruction for your team. You point to the battleground’s map on the screen and figure out the plan of action, the anticipated direction of attack, and the estimated time left to save precious resources and the war.

With the sound of your tank’s engine roaring to life, machine guns being loaded to the hilt, squad mates gearing up for whatever the enemy has in store, you hear planes taking off in the distance and wonder maybe, just maybe you were too late to arrive. Welcome onboard to PlanetSide 2.

With the beta testing starting early next week, Sony Online Entertainment’s PlanetSide 2 has all the ingredients for massive battles: modern war fought on vast alien continents, intense battles on the ground and air, and finally weapons and vehicles and outfits designed to suit their play-style. This is war on an epic scale and there is no running away from the fact that this war is more intense and fiercer than ever before.

As a player you can join 3 different empires; the terrain republic, the new conglomerate, and the Vanu sovereignty. If you win a battle you get to keep it until you lose it to someone else. Battle’s may take days or weeks. You have to fight to secure essential resources and key positions. And weapons alone won’t win these wars; you need teamwork, strategy, and trigger happy fingers.

There should be a better word than just big when describing the size of the continents on Auraxis, big just sounds too small. There are huge buildings dotting the horizon, morning fogs obscuring everything from vision, multiple moons casting shadows over the landscape making it impossible to see anything, and huge settlements filling the valleys while jet planes keep soaring across the overcast skies. Be careful, at times you may breathlessly stare at the astounding quality of this multi-player game.

There is still a lot more on our PlanetSide 2 wish list such as more power to the guns, and more sound to the canon explosions. But as this is still in the beta testing stage, we are waiting for the PlanetSide 2 with bated breath. Let power be on us!


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