First Look at the Android Based Game Stick Console in Action


This week at GDC the creators of the mobile Game Stick console showed off a demo of its user interface, as well as some gameplay action.  The UI is very similar in nature to the current Xbox 360 dashboard, and the upcoming PS4 interface.  It features large tiles for navigation set against a plain grey background without a whole bunch of bells and whistles mixed in.  Best of all I didn’t see a single advertisement for non-gaming related products!

The game that is shown off is called Riptide GT, and it features some impressive visuals when you consider that the Game Stick is the size of a USB flash drive.  The game itself is reminiscent of the Wave Race 64 series from the glory days of Nintendo, but from what is shown it looks like it plays very smoothly.

I backed the Game Stick because I’m a sucker for anything new in the gaming industry, and after watching the demo below I feel better about my contribution.  By no means do I think these mini-consoles will ever compete with the big boys, but they may offer gamers on a budget an opportunity to play some awesome looking games on the cheap.

If you’re into new gadgets and love the art of video games then you should check out the Game Stick UI demo after the break.  You’ve been surprised at what this little guy can put out…

Game Stick UI Demo from GDC

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