Entertainment Weekly ostensibly had a lot to offer with their Comic Con Preview issue, but the buzz has gone way up for that particular issue as the cover features the first image of Ultron from the upcoming Avengers sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The foreground has two of the main players from the Avengers in Iron Man and Captain America, but lurking right behind them is the, what seems to be, primary antagonist in the next adventure. Even more menacing is that the alpha Ultron behind Iron Man and Cap is followed by an army of Ultron clones, though the main unit has the red glow instead of the blue glow for the supporting units.
The only thing we know so far about the main baddie is that he is voiced by Emmy award winner James Spader. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige had previously stated that they planned to capture Spader’s face and body to add more to his performance than just a voice role.

Joss Whedon is slated to write the screenplay and direct the sequel. Whedon had previously said about Ultron that “he’s got pain, and the way that manifests is not going to be standard robot stuff. So we’ll take away some of those powers because at some point everybody becomes magic, and I already have someone [Scarlet Witch] who’s a witch.”

This image comes the week before the mega-event Comic Con International in San Diego, which will surely offer more delightful bits on the anticipated filmwhich opens May 1, 2015.


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