First Official ‘Captain Marvel’ Images Tease Guardians of the Galaxy Connections

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Entertainment Weekly has released a series of exclusive images from the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel, which mark the first time fans can see official imagery from the film. Sure there have been leaks as Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel suit, but they were grainy and shitty looking, so now we can all finally see some high-quality stills from the production.

The released pictures are quite revealing too, because a few of them hint at the return of previously seen characters from another MCU franchise. As you’ll see below, both Korath and Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Captain Marvel. The reason their inclusion works, is because this movie takes place in the 90’s, so the events of GotG have yet to take place, which means Ronan is still a big player in Kree society, and Korath is a part of Starforce.

Speaking of Starforce, Carol Danvers will already be a member of this special forces group of galactic badasses when the film begins, so it will not be a full-on origin story. Carol will already have her powers, and she’ll already be off of Earth with Starforce being trained by Jude Law’s character to hone her Kree powers. This will be a similar take to the MCU version of Spider-Man, which didn’t explore his origins at all, and just thrust him into the universe knowing that fans have seen his origin many times over.

Although, with Captain Marvel, which I don’t believe is as mainstream of a character as Spider-Man, I would have liked a bit of an origin story, because outside of looking stuff up on Google, I have no idea what Captain Marvel is all about. Considering that she will more than likely be the straw that breaks Thanos’ back, I would appreciate an explanation as to why she has enough power to challenge him.

Hopefully that’s what her movie will ultimately be about, but only time will tell. You can check out the EW gallery below.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 2019.


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