First Official Captain Marvel Trailer Features Plenty of Intrigue

Marvel has unveiled the very first trailer for Captain Marvel, and I found it to be the perfect tease to get fans more interested in this pivotal entry in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Like most other Marvel movie trailers, it does a great job at setting up the main plot of the film without giving a single big moment away. It’s very well done in that regard, and does provide plenty of insights into how this film will more than likely play out.

I know Kevin Feige said that this movie wouldn’t be a straight up origin film for Captain Marvel, but based on how the trailer plays out, I do believe we will learn more about how she became who she is through a series of flashbacks at the least. There are just too many hints in this trailer that her past will be explored, so while the movie will begin and she’ll already have her powers, I do think we will ultimately be shown how she got them. I don’t think a ton of screen time will be dedicated to that part of her character though, but we will get a few insights into her past based on how this trailer plays out.

Stay tuned for our full trailer breakdown, which should be ready later today.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.


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