Antonio Banderas is back with a more serious role in Gabe Ibáñez’s new sci-fi movie called AutomataBanderas plays Jacq Vaucan, an insurance agent for a robotics corporation, who one day discovers the machines he inspects are not all they seem. 

The movie appears on the surface to be a standard Asimov style man vs. machine story, with the famous Three Laws of Robotics present, and will no doubt remind people of other movies that follow similar themes such as I, Robot and Blade Runner.

To those that are fans of the science fiction genre, or are just happy to see the return of the cyberpunk setting, Automata looks like it will impress and is definitely worth looking out for.

Although the movie is not scheduled for a major worldwide release, Automata will be releasing October 10th 2014 in limited theaters, and simultaneously with on demand services.


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