First Trailer for Divide Looks Mysterious and Dark

For people that have been playing video games since about the N64 and PS1 era, pre-rendered backgrounds can either bring a sense of joy or sense of dread, some love them and some hate them. Games like Final Fantasy VII used pre-rendered backgrounds, which, for those that need clarification, means that the background is just a picture, and it can actually look rather beautiful, in cases such as that.

Of course, technology has gotten much better since then, and there’s really not much need to do that kind of thing anymore, but even so, sometimes bringing back old school stuff like that can be awesome! Divide, a new game coming to the PS4, uses them, and uses them well, just from this first trailer it looks freaking awesome, though I’m still not really sure what the game is actually about.

Check out the trailer above and see if your nostalgia senses start tingling when you see those sweet pre-rendered backgrounds!

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Nathaniel Smyth

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