Five Celebs Who Have Built Their Careers By Being Ugly


Most celebrities have a certain extra-attractive quality that makes them famous, and they work very hard to maintain that appearance. Some celebs, however, have capitalized on their inherent unique look which some might deem ugly. So who are these so-called ugly celebrities, and how have they made successes out of their allegedly unattractive appearances?

Marilyn Manson

Born Brian Hugh Warner, American musician Marilyn Manson has made his name by having an unusual, and some might say ugly, appearance. Manson wears different colored contact lenses to give his eyes a freakish look. Add to that pale, face makeup and exaggerated lipstick, and Manson has created a unique look that is a huge part of his success.

Steve Buscemi

American actor Steve Buscemi has appeared in countless films and television shows from Reservoir Dogs, to The Sopranos, to Boardwalk Empire. He is a favorite actor of the Coen Brothers movie directors, even though Buscemi’s face has protruding eyes and famously misaligned teeth. Steve could probably have his face worked on by a La Jolla plastic surgeon, but chooses not to undergo a procedure. While Buscemi may not be attractive, he is hugely successful because of his great acting skills and unforgettable appearance.

Susan Boyle

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle may be considered rather plain and unattractive. Boyle is a middle-aged lady with extra weight and a plain face, with a few extra chins. It is the extreme contrast between Boyle’s beautiful voice and her rather ugly appearance that made her an overnight star.

Donald Trump

Millionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is a celebrity who had a huge hit with his television show The Apprentice, but Trump is not known for his beauty. Squinty eyes and extra pounds offset the curious and elaborate comb-over that is the hair of Donald Trump. To many, Trump’s hair is his unique trademark but to others, it is also downright ugly.


Born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, and now simply known as Seal, this British singer-songwriter is known for his fabulous singing voice and his unattractive face. Seal has extreme scars on his face caused by a rare form of Lupus. Perhaps best known for his huge hit, “Kiss From a Rose”, the amazing voice of Seal more than makes up for his unattractive appearance.

While these celebrities might not want to be called ugly, they certainly have worked with what they have to create unusual and memorable personas who have continued to maintain fame and garner headlines.


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