Five Game Series That Define RPG’s


Roleplaying games allow players the chance to escape from their own world and delve into a fantastical environment. Since video games have existed, RPGs have always been one of the most popular genres and all adamant gamers seem to have a choice on which of these titles have bolstered such an exciting style. Here is a closer look at 5 RPGs that have defined and redefined this genre and the world’s imagination.

Final Fantasy

Worldwide, very few game series can compete with the popularity and overall sales tally of Final Fantasy. This rich and exciting world is a powerful testament to just how far game developers can push a game in terms of art, music, tactics, storylines, character development, and more. Titles have been released to almost every console and operating system, allowing anyone to enjoy the series.


Originally a Japanese franchise, this series has picked up worldwide recognition as one of the leading RPGs ever created. Players follow along with the story of Ash, a young kid with a dream to become the master of Pokemon, mythical creatures that are loosely based on a conglomeration of real and fiction animals of the past and present.

Elder Scrolls

This series has had its ups and downs, but it maintains a following of enthusiasts that are fiercely loyal. Each title seems to improve on its previous incarnation, ending with the most recent release Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This includes a unique progression and development system that allows a complete customization of one’s character. Here is a closer look at some of the amazing new developments that have gone into this title.

Mass Effect

While this game has not sold the most copies and was only available on a limited amount of consoles until quite recently, it has introduced features that no game has ever offered before. Every choice, sentence, and action that the character carries out will follow through the entire story. It does not stop with each game though, and choices will affect gameplay through the entire series of games.


Zelda is the title to which almost every other RPG is compared. Going all the way back to the first few Nintendo consoles, this series grew up parallel to the gaming industry as a whole. With each new development in technology, the next Zelda title employs it perfectly. This includes free-roaming gameworlds, skill progression, 3D rendering, and more.


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