Five Great Video Games that Deserve Sequels

Video game fans and sequels traditionally have a rocky relationship. All too often, gamers have loved a title and been left wanting another adventure into the title’s world, only to finally get a sequel and be completely and utterly disappointed by the game. On the other hand, many sequels have done their predecessor well and even surpassed the high expectations of those who loved the original game.

For as delicate of a situation as releasing a sequel to a game may be, there are dozens upon dozens of great games that are absolutely dying to have the next chapter of their story told. The games below represent five of the best examples of games that need a sequel.

5 – Onimusha


The Onimusha titles are some of gaming’s most interesting entries. Blending the traditional elements of the early Resident Evil titles with a historical Japanese setting, Onimusha managed to draw in legions of inquisitive gamers.

Despite originally being planned as a trilogy, Onimusha’s intriguing world brought a fourth mainline sequel that many felt missed the mark. Nearly six years after the release of Onimusha’s fourth title, fans of the series still eagerly await a return to the series’ supernatural roots. With the advent of the new consoles, there has never been a better time to bring gamers back to the series’ signature feudal Japan.

4 – Jade Empire


Bioware’s Jade Empire transported players to a mythical land filled with supernatural entities and martial arts masters. The RPG featured tons of combat styles that players could adopt and a world that felt rich and unique. Of all of Bioware’s RPG releases, Jade Empire has widely been considered one of the company’s most beloved games.

Jade Empire’s world and story left a lasting impact on its players, and many were left wishing that they could once more be brought back to the game’s world of lighting quick combat and world-changing consequences.

3 – Alan Wake


Remedy Entertainment’s psychological thriller, Alan Wake, wowed the gaming world when it was released in 2010. After an unbelievably lengthy development cycle, Alan Wake was seen as one of the best written and truly gripping games ever created.

Alan Wake’s brilliant approach to storytelling and unforgettable story has earned the game a huge following. The game’s vocal fans cry out for another fully entry into the immersive world of Alan Wake.

2 – Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy


Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy will forever be remembered as one of the PlayStation 2 era’s coolest third-person shooters. With a heavy emphasis on the main character’s psychic powers, Psi-Ops allowed for a hefty selection of ways to defeat your enemies.

Psi-Ops’ ending teased that the game’s story was far from finished. As the game came to a close, players were teased with a ‘to be continued’ screen. Sadly, Midway, Psi-Ops’ developer has closed its doors for good, rendering the future of the franchise unlikely.

1 – Star War: Republic Commando

republic commano

Star Wars has inspired plenty of video games over the years, but Star Wars: Republic Commando is widely considered as the best. The game’s tactical approach to the FPS genre placed players in the role of Boss, the leader of Delta Squad, and elite force of Clone commandos. Throughout the game, the player was able to order the other members of Delta Squad around the level, allowing for tactical advantages against enemy forces.

Republic Commando offered an undeniably fun entry into the Star Wars universe that truly deserved more attention than the game ever received. Many gamers were excited to learn that Republic Commando had a sequel in the works, only to have the rug pulled out from under them upon EA’s announcement that the supposed sequel was cancelled.

In 2011, an official announcement from EA stated that Republic Commando’s sequel may still be in the works, but no word has been heard in quite some time.

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