Five Movie Worlds that Would Make for Great Video Games

Video games and movies have a long – and traditionally rocky – history together. Games have always popped up after the release of a hit film, hoping to capture the box office rush and generate more sales numbers. Sadly, all too often, movie related video games end up disappointing fans. Instead of building upon the great and engrossing worlds seen in feature films, video games based off of movies tend to simply rehash what the viewer has already seen on the silver screen, creating for what generally feels like hollow entertainment.

However, this is not always the case. A few video games based off of movies have been done exceptionally well and have the ability to stand with – or even surpass – their source material.

The upcoming Mad Max video game seems to be making a strong case for building upon an established film’s world while still creating a whole new experience. The harsh wasteland of the Mad Max franchise has long been a cult favorite and everything currently shown from the game looks to be exactly what fans of the films are looking for – an experience that builds upon what is already a great world while still telling a new tale.

Plenty of tremendous films throughout history could have the potential to take the same route as Mad Max. By using their respective established worlds, video games entries based off of the film listed below, would make for great games that fans of the film – and gaming in a whole – could certainly sink their teeth into.

5 – Sin City


The ultra-stylish and gritty film adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel series wowed both critics and consumers alike thanks to Sin City’s amazing special effects and hip, noir vibes. The dangerous world found within Sin City was filled with remarkably interesting characters and seedy happenings that made the viewer feel as though the city were alive.

A game placed in Sin City’s setting would have the power to capitalize off of not only the film, but also the graphic novel series, allowing for plenty of content to draw inspiration off of. The established violence and larger-than-life characters of Sin City practically scream for a video game adaptation and the unique coloring of the film would translate amazingly into an interactive medium.

4 – Inception


While many of those who went to see Christopher Nolan’s Inception in theatres may have walked out with more questions than answers, there is no denying that the film’s utterly staggering scope was truly impressive. The notion of entering – and altering – one’s dream states was both an interesting and imaginative concept that made the film stand out among many others.

The possibilities of an Inception based game are virtually endless thanks to the idea of entering the dream space of others. A video game centered on a team tasked specifically with stealing vital information all by entering someone’s dreams absolutely oozes potential.

Shifting worlds, ever present danger, and M.C. Escher-inspired landscapes would make for a great gaming experience.

3 – 13 Assassins


The visceral Japanese period drama, 13 Assassins is a visual treat and a hauntingly memorable tale. Set in Japan during the 1840s, 13 Assassins tells the tale of brave men who stand up to stop a ludicrously insane and violent Lord.

At first glance, 13 Assassins is a simple tale of determination, but further examination proves that there is plenty more going on than meets the eye. A video game set in the world of 13 Assassins has the potential to build upon the already intriguing world of Feudal Japan, but also the mythological and magical elements woven so subtly throughout the film.

A mature look at the world of Shoguns and samurai, with underlying elements of mythology ever present would make for a wonderful video game experience quite unlike anything else that has been done.

2 – Inglorious Basterds


Quentin Tarentino’s films inhabit their own nuanced worlds better than any other director’s work. The richly detailed settings and characters in each of Tarentino’s films are so filled with life that the bizarre worlds in which they inhabit manage to be wholly believable.

Inglorious Basterds has the potential to make for a video game with a completely different take on World War II. The combination of historical events and absurd characters made the 2009 film an instant success. While WWII games have been done nearly to death, the idea of turning Inglorious Basterds’ version of the war is undeniably appealing. Tarantino-esque dialogue and some seriously crazy war heroes could turn the tide of how video game fans feel about World War II games.

1 – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Guy Ritchie’s crime capers are filled with memorable characters and hilarious dialogue, adding a level of personality that few other directors ever seem to create. His first major film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is Ritchie’s best and most entertaining work.

Lock Stock’s vibrant take on the London underground crime scene is so littered with memorable – and believable – characters that would naturally lend themselves to the video game world. Thievery, action and cockney rhyming slang abound in Lock Stock, bringing the world to life in an unforgettable way.

Translating Guy Ritchie’s film into the video game world in a manner similar to Grand Theft Auto could make for a hilarious, yet action packed take on video game crime dramas that would not soon be forgotten.

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