‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Board Game Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s has been brought into the tangible world by Moose Games, and is the first licensed and non-digital version of the popular title from Scottgames. It is recommended for children 8 years old and up, and retails at $24.99. It’s a very simple game, you give the spinner a whirl, and depending on where it lands you either skip your turn, or attempt to use the little tongs given to steal that color and number of pizza slices out of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza tray. You lose if you trigger Freddy and make him jump, otherwise the game results in a tie.


So above, is everything included with the game, which is nice as it’s very simple and there isn’t a whole lot to it. The pieces are all shaped great, and Freddy and the base are very sturdy feeling. The spinner works about as well as expected. You need to be sure to pay attention to how you set Freddy up though, there’s an order of operations and I ran into problems with that. The resulting issue was the he’d make the noise when triggering him, but there was no movement and he’d stay in the resting position. He’s supposed to leap and be scary, but we can chalk that one up as an operator defect.

The game is way too easy, we had run through the entire thing, and not triggered the scare, even going so far as to set a time limit to hopefully create some clumsy rushing, still no scare. What triggers Freddy is exactly 15 presses of the tray, and not light ones, it has to be a very noticeable press for it to count it. I get making it too sensitive, as he’d go off way to0 early, but a huge aspect of horror and scaring people is being random. Maybe try having a few different counts and one gets picked every time you reset Freddy, and the pressure pad could use to be just a hair more sensitive.

Overall, it wasn’t a great experience as an adult, it’s way too easy and we lost interest very quickly, but this game is targeted for a younger audience, whom I’d assume aren’t as dexterous or careful. So for the way younger crowd, this may not be a terrible game, especially if they are a fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s, at the very least, this can make a great mantle piece for a fan. Though I definitely wouldn’t buy this with expectations of a great time unless the person receiving it is of the younger generation, maybe no older than 12.

Five Nights at Freddy's Board Game

Build Quality - 7
Functionality - 6
Ease of Use - 8
Price - 5
Entertainment Value - 2


Zero Scares

The pieces are all built solid, but I'd refer to it as a bored game instead. It's far to easy to finish, and it doesn't have a whole lot to keep you interested.


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